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Our Ministires are about meeting people where they are at and helping them get to where God wants them to be! 

 Prayer Hour of Power


Every Saturday at 10:00am 

Power for Living 

Sunday Evening Service 6:pm
Life Skills Training (Sunday School)


Begins at 9:30am to 10:30am

Artistic Fingers


Using artistic talents this ministry will: 1) provide a means to reach some in our community who have an interest in arts and crafts where those who participate can be introduced to Jesus and the final messages for our day, 2) create items for sale to raise funds for the church, 3) teach people how to draw, paint and make things using artistic talents God has given them, 4) make items to give to those less fortunate that will remind them that Jesus loves them.

Y.W.C.C., & C.W.C.


The Young Womens Chrisitan Council & Chrisitan Womens Council are units in the greatest church on earth, "The Church of God in Christ" We Stand United As the daughters and followers of the greatest women on earth, the Holy Women of the Church of God in Christ, In our efforts to win souls to Christ, lift fallen humanity,strengthen the weak and encourage the discouraged!

Sunshine Band


The Sunshine Band teaches children about God; the love of God and God’s Son, Jesus; basic Bible concepts and knowledge; the basic rules of ministry; scriptures that provide a foundation for understanding, faith, love, grace, salvation and practical precepts for living holy and productive lives.

Missionary Circle


The Missionary Circle is composed of women who feel a special call of God to the work of the ministry. Our primary focus is soul winning and to support the vision and mission of our Pastor. There are three categories of Missionaries as established by the National Women's Department of the Church of God in Christ: Aspiring Missionary: Women, who have recently acknowledged the call of God, receive teaching and training to begin missionary work. Deaconess Missionary: Women, who have completed their training and passed the examination, are licensed to help build the work of God in the local assembly.Evangelist Missionary President: Women whose ministry extends in and out of the local assembly with a greater emphasis on soul winning..

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